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The Courses

All courses finish at Chumash Park

Chesebro Half Marathon
This is a mostly trail race. The first three miles are on road, the next 7.5 miles are on trail and the last 2.5 miles are on road. This is the 7th year for this race. If conditions are poor due to weather, The National Park Service may require an alternate course. For details and course maps, click here.

Pacific Half Marathon
This road half marathon starts at Paramount Ranch, where many movies and TV shows were filmed and also home to the Paramount Ranch racetrack, popular in the mid-1950s. The course runs on roads around the Santa Monica Mountains passing through the historic districts of Cornell, Malibou Lake and Old Agoura. For details and course maps, click here.

Deena Kastor 5K
USATF certified and sanctioned. With a downhill start and a downhill finish, what more can you ask for? For details and course map, click here

Old Agoura 10K -- This 10K course winds through scenic Old Agoura tree-lined streets past horse farms and adjacent to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area at Cheeseboro Canyon showing off the beauty of Agoura Hills. This road course is full of natural splendors and is in parts rolling and challenging but with several straight-aways. It's a terrific route and recognized by Runner's World Magazine as one of the Top 10Ks in the U.S. It is USATF certified and sanctioned. For details and course map, click here.

1 Mile -- Both the Kids Mile and Family Fun Run follow the same route. USATF measured and sanctioned.

Participants should gather at the designated spot (look for the signs) on the east end of Chumash Park near Argos St (in the park and not on the street) at least 15 minutes prior to your starting time. When it's time to start the race, a race official will lead you to the start line on Argos St. However, Argos St. is a live race course, you must remain on the grass in the park prior to the start of the race until you are escorted to the start.

This course runs around the neighborhood adjacent to Chumash Park. Spectators should watch the race from Chumash Park, as you can view about half the race there and the runners pass by three times.

  1. Start on Argos St., south of Driver.
  2. Left on Parkheath Dr.
  3. Left on Medea Valley Dr.
  4. Right on Agoura Glen Dr.
  5. Left on Valley Heights Dr.
  6. Left on Rock Tree Dr.
  7. Left on Medea Valley Dr.
  8. Right on Valley Heights Dr.
  9. Right on Argos St.
  10. Right into Chumash Park
  11. Finish
1 Mile course map and elevation chart

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Chesebro Half Marathon

Pacific Half Marathon

Deena Kastor 5K

Old Agoura 10K

Kids Mile